Monday, September 27, 2010

Iron Man 2 Technology.

Iron Man2 is a deadly sci-fi movie. As it starts, it doesn't look like one of those celebrated sci-fi movies. Man, it's the home of all tech geeks.It almost killed me when Tony Stark unleashed  his  Transparent LG Smartphone. In my own words, i would call it an "Intelligent Glass". Simply because it is transparent,a multi display & smart! That is just the tip of an iceberg!Check this out : touch-screen coffee table, and holographic lab environment into an on-screen reality are also among the deadly technologies of this movie. The coffee table is so intelligent to interact with him, even when he has gloves on.Well........................................??!!! The concept of the coffee table is inspired by Microsoft's Surface. One word to describe this great movie is, COOL!

Its Director Jon Favreau, had the idea of  presenting the future's technology, which i guess is not very far from its implementation. Well, I technically salute this genius of movie direction. I wonder how a technical salute looks like! Huh.....

This movie is hitting the US theaters  like hell.Am double sure that more than 50% of people flocking in theaters to watch it, are  geeks. Prove me wrong. Many activities accompany the release of such a movie; pirates  are making the best out of it, hackers trying to get access to Stark Expo website. Oops! Did i say website? Yeah! I thought Stark Industries is a fictitious company, but my research has proven me wrong. Actually, there's a website to this Check it out.

Peeps, have a look at this list of armors from 1960s. To read more, just click on the links.

Pictures of Iron Man2 Technology

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